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[Episode begins in the mine]
Krader: Seismo, Shuff. Me greatest dig-dig!
Seismo: Me greatest dig-dig!
Shuff: Me greatest!
[Krader begins a contest]
Krader: CONTEST!
[The Cragsters dig under the mine to see who won. Krader went south while Seismo and Shuff still went back.]
Seismo and Shuff: WINNER! [they realize Krader is missing]
Shuff: Where Krader?
[Krader digs all the way to the Electroid Kingdom]
Krader: WINNER! [he realizes he dug all the way to Mountain City] W-w-w-w-w-where be me? [The Electroids grab him] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
[Seismo and Shuff find Krader]
Seismo and Shuff: Krader? [they saw some light coming from the Electroids]
[Scene pans down to the Electroids sacrificing Krader while Zedd's "Shave It Up" plays]
Electroids: [laughing]
Krader: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!
[Seismo and Shuff spot the Electroids]
Seismo and Shuff: STOP!
Seismo: You no sacrifice Krader.
Teslo: Nuh-uh! We Electroids aren't... [electrocutes] ...sacrificing anyone.
Volectro: Yeah! We're just preparing for the Electroid annual dance... [electrocutes] ...party! [laughs]
Zaptor: Electroid...[electrocutes]
Krader: They reach fun original.
Shuff: Well, we make Electrock dance party!
[Calvin Harris and Alesso's "Under Control" plays while the Cragsters and Electroids dance]
Krader: Big beats fun!
Teslo: How... [electrocutes] ...about we max it up a notch.
Krader: Yeah yeah! Cubit!
[The Electroids and Cragsters Max when the Chickens lay eggs on them. The word "MAX" appears in two screens. The two maxes dance.]
Cragsters Max: Whoa! you dance move electrify!
Electroids Max: Thank you!
Cragsters Max: But me greatest dance-dance!
[music stops and dramatic pause]
Electroids Max and Cragsters Max: CONTEST!
[episode ends]